Exculsive Combined Services of Online Clinic, Online Pharmacy, Clinic Car & Home Visits

Clinic Care

  •  Personal Consultation
  • Clear Diagnosis
  • Tailed Treatment

Established in 1987, our qualified and experienced doctors trained both in Chinese Medicine and West Medicine give you face to face personal consultation, treating wide range of ailments.

In this clinic we provide a relaxed and informal atmosphere to help you feel as comfortable as possible. Your well being is our priority.

Consultation,   Zheng Gu Tui Na,   Acupuncture,    Herbal Medicine ,    Massage

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On-Line Herbal Clinic

We make you feel better in your comfortable home!

Please understand that your state of health is the most important aspect of your life. There is no greater personal investment than to take natural medical care from a TCM doctor who can both answer and assist you with your self-healing and health goals.

As people’s lives are being busier than ever before, we offer a interactive online care which is designed to let you consult with TCM doctors to get a customised treatment specially for your unique needs with exact diagnosis, saving your trip to a clinic.

This service is for people who are seeking Chinese Medicine Treatment with qualified and experienced TCM doctors to make you feel better in your comfortable home.

Easy 3 Steps

  •  to allow us to have a medical diagnosis.
  • We send you the individually tailed treatment package after we receive your payment.
  • You contact us with your response to the treatment, we will arrange the follow-up.


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Home Visit

If you are in pain, we come to treat you.

About 3 in 4 people have one or more bouts of low back pain. The cause can be simple, it can be caused by lifting something heavy, moving your back, a cough or sneezing. Sometimes you can just wake up with low back pain.

Simple does not mean that the pain is mild, it can be very bad. Typically, the pain is in one area of the lower back, but sometimes it spreads to the buttocks or thighs. Tablets might not help, because they are not made to target the cause of the problem

Back Pain Express Hot Line: 020 7244 9550 or 079 0053 3030  or e-mail us

Give us a call, we will respond quickly and go to wherever you maybe to relive your back pain. You will get a big relief from only one treatment!
We will visit you in your Office, Home or Hotel. 10:00am-10:00pm hours service, 7 days a week.
We will give you Personal Consultation, Examination and Exact Diagnosis.


On-Line Herbal Pharmacy

3 Good Reasons

We have selected the finest quality herbal products to remedy many of our common ailments and give support for your Physical, Emotional and Mental Welling under the guidance of our tcm doctors who are physically practising in our clinic for maximum safety and effectiveness.

We have Herbal Remedies and TCM Remedies. For your convenience the Herbal Remedies are categorised into various aspects of the human body and mind in the order of urgencies and seriousness. In TCM Remedies functions of each formulas are arranged alphabetically for you to find detailed information on symptoms.

Common Complaints

Flu, Cough, Headache, Digestion, Toothache, Arthritis, Hay Fever, Sports Injury, Constipation, Heartburn, Mouth Ulcers, Sore Throat, Pain, Skin Conditions.


Anti Cancer and Immunity Herbs

Canoderma Lucidum Broken-Shell Spores
Apricot Kernels


Hair Lose, Gray Hair, Energy, Stop Smoking, Lose Weight,
Depression, Insomnia, Anti-age.

Women Health

Sexual Health, Menopause, Osteoporosis, Urinary Tract Infection,
Premenstrual Syndrome, Stress and Anxiety Management, Skin Beauty.

Men’s Health

Sexual Health, Prostate, Stress, Energy.

TCM Remedy