E-mail Consultation

Email  Consultation

Interact with our doctor via email – £6.00

If you do not wish to speak to a doctor over the phone or via Skype, you can choose to book a secure email consultation. Our doctor will review your concern and email you back within a few hours to discuss your treatment options. This service includes an unlimited number of emails on a single topic/concern.

  • Fill a form
  • Doctor will review your concern and respond
  • Reply with additional query, if necessary
  • No obligation to purchase treatment

The following series of questions are required for our doctor to successfully make an diagnosis of your condition. This information is required for making your account and medical record within our system. Alternatively you can book a telephone or vidio  consultation.

  • Fully confidential and secure service
  • Individually tailed treatment
  • Treatment will be sent directly from the clinic

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This web site is not only a complementary window that introduces Chinese Traditional Medicine to the world, but also provides an interactive on-line line consultation for people who are seeking alterative medicine care.
Online care is an extension of our clinic care, associated with on line pharmacy  and mobile service,  If your response to the online care is slow , you might need to have a face to face consultation and take clinic treatment.

Our vision is to deliver the unquestioned, publicly acknowledge best customer service in the internet healthcare industry in the world. With the help of our highly trained staff and the use of the latest web technology,  we are the first truly TCM online clinic which conform to MHRA guideline.

Our Online consultation form has been created to give the Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner a highly detailed and in-depth view of your bodies’s unique internal processes. With the information gathered during the Online consultation our practitioners can connect your major health concerns with the root patterns of unbalance originating from your internal organ systems.

You give us your health detail information by calling us or complete a medical form. Taking into consideration of your unique, individual make-up details, our practitioner is made to determine where the imbalances of yin and yang lie in our organs and which of the five elements are lacking and he would be able to suggest a treatment specially for your needs at the present time. This is the true and advanced scientific way to properly address your exact needs when personal, one-on-one attention is required.

The creation of a custom of  herbal formula is the core essence of  Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine. To suit people’s busier living style, we will utilize prepared and grounded herbal powder.

After the individual consultation with our qualified Chinese expert, patients will be given a prescription, which usually contains up to 20 different herbs. The exact combination is adjusted to suit the patient’s individual condition and is likely to be altered as the treatment progresses to take account of changes that have occurred. It is therefore a very flexible system tailed to the needs of the individual.

Consultation will be on average once a week, you will be given enough herbs to last till the next consultation. The herbs will be given in powder form, capsule form or pill form. In addition external treatments( ointments, washes, soaks) may be prescribe for skin problems.
Chinese Medicine is a 5000-year-old system designed to treat a variety of ailments. This ancient practise is based on prescribing a combination of five varieties of herbs- pungent, sour, sweet, bitter, and salty-which are boiled in water.

Dried, powered herbs provide an alternative to raw herbs which are targeted at the more stressed lifestyle of Westerners who have little time to boil herbs in the traditional manner each day. Herbal powder are easier to prepare and slightly more pleasant to take. Since the resultant powder is up to six times more concentrated than the raw herb, doses are adjusted accordingly.

The formula is made by mixing the selected ingredients together in the correct proportions. The stated does is then normally mixed with boiling water to form a paste. More boiling water is added to make approximately half a mugful, but this quantity can be varied according to the taste preferences of the patient. This mixture is then stirred and allow to cool for 15 minutes, stirring occasional. It is best drunk in one go, but can be sipped if preferred.

Take twice or three times a day. It is better after the meal.

Herbal powder can be supplied in capsule or other form. The major advantage of powered herbs is that that they are easy to prepare and to take. On the other hand, they are generally considered less potent than raw herbs.