Blackberry Bold For Him

Blackberry Bold

An ancient Chinese Herbal remedy to enhance male performance, this careful and proven blend of  natural remedies can have a very power effect on the male libido…

Contains 2 Capsules – 480mg each.

Direction: Take 1 capsule 1or 2 hours before intimacy

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Blackberry Bold, a herbal capsule for men, contains more than a dozen different Chinese herbs which reinforce each other when used together. The original remedy was secretly kept for the emperors who needed to use their energy efficiently  to fulfill men’s duty to his wives. This balanced herbal combination can dramatically improve men’s performance in their lovemaking by its fast action( within 2 hours) and good effectiveness. It is worth to mention that this remedy can significantly improve men’s general health by working on the whole body system after being taken a long term.

 Although the combined physiology mechanisms of how this remedy works has not fully understood, the effect of each individual herb has been studied. It appears these herbs can enhance the functions of neural networks, increase local blood circulation and improve energy metabolism. They also show anti-fatigue and anti-aging effect. Not only normal people can enjoy a happy life by taking the capsules, but it is also very helpful for the people who suffered from impotence, premature ejaculation, and weak erection.

 Since its launch onto the market in south Asia and England, Blackberry Bold has shown its superior quality by its definite effects and fast action

while its high safety and overall general health benefits remain. It has become the most globally sought after natural health product in the market.

 Main ingredients: Rhizoma Gibotii, Astragalus Root, White Atracty iodes, Epimedium, Dodder Seed, Cynomorium, cistanche.