Chinese cupping is a popular method of treatment used around the world today dating back thousands of years.
Chinese cupping can come in many forms but the method used here consists of glass cups. A flame is put into the cup which draws out the air creating a vacuum when placed on the skin. The suction created by the vacuum draws the skin into the cup. This method is very safe and effective way of ridding the body of pain and stagnation. Cups can be left in place, pulled on and off quickly or slid across the skin for a deeper effect. All in all it is a deep and relaxing treatment.

The cupping treatment may last 10 -15 minutes. Sometimes it is combined with acupuncture and massage depending on your conditions.

Clients must be aware that this method can sometimes mark the skin which can remain present for up to a week, however most people will only experience slight reddening that disappears quickly.
Although it may look strange, cupping is actually a very pleasant experience if done correctly. It can be likened to receiving a deep relaxing massage with the feeling of gentle warmth.

Good for the following conditions:
Pain relief
muscular tension

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