Reflexology is the treatment of the whole body through the feet. It works on a similar principle to Acupressure.
Specific areas of the feet are stimulated in order to bring balance to the body. During a Reflexology session, some people are surprised when the therapists notices conditions such as neck problems or sinus problems etc. As therapists we are often able to feel crystal like deposits in certain areas of the feet which correspond to an organ or specific area. This tells us that there is an imbalance within this organ or area and then we may go about our work and clear it leaving you to feel the benefits.

Reflexology map
This is a typical map of the feet that a Reflexologist would use during training.
The shaded areas indicate different organs and systems in the body, for example, the blue shaded areas on the back of the toes represent the sinuses, whilst the green shaded area on the ball of the foot represent the lungs.
It’s interesting to note that occasionally some clients feel a sensation in their body which corresponds to the area that is being worked on, even though they are not aware of what organ or area the Reflexologist is working on! Some may feel a pleasant tingling sensation along the zone that is being worked on.
Whatever you feel, you are sure to be very relaxed by the end of your session.

Good for the following conditions:
Releasing toxins
Hormone balance
Some skin conditions
Digestive disorders
Chest conditions

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